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Marketing Ink: Big Ideas for Local Businesses

Jan 25, 2024

Are you ready for a sneak peek into the future of marketing and professional growth for me? I'm excited to give you a 2023 year in review for my business, along with predictions for 2024 in the world of marketing.

As entrepreneurs, we all strive for control and achieve our revenue goals. And that's exactly what I learned through the power of paid advertising with the right strategy. It truly allows you to be the captain of your own ship and master your destiny.

But as we all know, paid advertising is not a one-size-fits-all solution. I'll also be sharing my top tips on how to make it work for your business specifically.

But that's not all - in addition to discussing marketing strategies, I'll also be sharing my experience of taking five weeks off for maternity leave and how my business continued to thrive without me being there! It just goes to show that with proper preparation and delegation, anything is possible.


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