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Marketing Ink: Big Ideas for Local Businesses

Sep 14, 2023

Frustrated with tracking, monitoring and analyzing all of your marketing data without knowing which strategies are working?

Today I am joined by Chris Mercer, founder of Measurement Marketing Academy, and he has some awesome solutions!

We discuss how you (and your team) can learn to use accurate measurement marketing to get better visibility into your customer journey, instantly increase conversion rates, and unlock hidden revenue opportunities your business needs for predictable and repeatable growth.

Goodbye data overwhelm, analysis paralysis, and random acts of marketing! Say Hello to smarter decision making around lead generation, customer acquisition, and less wasted time on strategies that aren’t getting you results.

The best part? You truly you do not have to be a numbers person to use these free tools and make sense out of them! You just have to use them in a slightly different way. And that's exactly what Chris will teach you!

Tune in now to get the answers you need to make more money with predictable and repeatable growth - no complicated analytics required!


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