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Marketing Ink: Big Ideas for Local Businesses

Dec 9, 2022

Know you need to go all in with content marketing in 2023, but not quite sure how to make it happen, or where your efforts and energy would be best utilized? This episode is for you. I'm joined by Mark de Grasse, the President of DigitalMarketer, an eLearning company focused on skill development for professional marketers, marketing agencies, and small business owners.

Mark de Grasse is a content strategist focused on integrated, genuine approaches to marketing and management. Mark has been working in content development since the mid-2000’s, creating tens of thousands of articles, graphics, videos, and podcasts over the years.
He lays out what you should be doing moving forward to leverage the most critical aspects of content marketing, wether you have a small budget or large budget, a small team or a complete content department. 
If you're ready to go HARD on your marketing and increase your sales in the coming year, I'd love to help you do it. Visit and see how I can help.