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Marketing Ink: Big Ideas for Local Businesses

Jul 29, 2021

Content marketing can be incredibly lucrative, but only when used in the right way, with the right plan, done in the most efficient way.

In this episode, we'll be going through the core concepts you need to know about content marketing to jumpstart, or remodel, your content marketing plan, in a way that will make you...

Sep 23, 2020

Listen as Ad Zombies founder, Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz shares his H5 framework for high converting ad copy. Learn his "secret sauce" and tips to creating attention-grabbing headlines that can quickly transform your ad conversion.

May 7, 2020

Content marketing is either overvalued or undervalued by local businesses. They either think it’s the only thing they need to generate leads or clients, or they think it doesn’t play a part at all. The truth is, it matters, but it needs to fit appropriately within your strategy and be well thought out on the front...